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“Cowbell brings resiliency to cyber insurance market via its cross-industry innovation and cutting-edge technology. We are proud to have this award-winning team as part of our growing AI portfolio in the Tri-Valley.”

—Don Garman, Co-founder and Managing partner, Tri-Valley Ventures

“We are thrilled to participate in Cowbell’s growth and proud to have provided the platform for Cowbell to leverage our mentor network of insurance executives and professionals, who are largely driven from the 13 insurance companies who serve as our investors.”

—Nicole Gunderson, Managing director, Global Insurance Accelerator

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Global Security Mag Online: Cowbell Cyber Sheds Light on Dark Web Data for Cyber Insurance

Global Security Mag Online—DarkOwl LLC, a Denver-based cybersecurity company specializing in darknet data, is proud to announce a new innovative partnership with Cowbell Cyber. Cowbell Cyber, focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered cyber insurance for small to mid-sized enterprises, is a disruptor in the cyber insurance industry and is changing the way that policies are underwritten. Read more

Threatpost: Hacking Back? BriansClub Dark Web Attack a Boon for Banks

Threatpost—The theft of 26 million card records from an underground site offers valuable intel for banks.

A Dark Web “carding store” called BriansClub, which specializes in selling stolen payment card information, has itself become a victim, with thieves making off with 26 million credit- and debit-card records. The site appears to be a target of roundabout “hacking back” by a competitor , who… Read more

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Connected Insurance USA

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel | Chicago, IL
Explore how Cowbell Cyber™ customizes cyber coverage for enterprises by assessing potential exposure and using continuous underwriting to bridge the insurability gap.

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November 20–21, 2019
November 20–21, 2019

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