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Free security consultation for Cowbell policyholders, SME plans available

Crowdstrike stops breaches and secures your future with a security platform that harnesses the power of the cloud and advanced AI to defeat cyber threats through our collective strength.

20% off all package pricing for Cowbell policyholders

LoginTC is a great MFA solution for small businesses, and if you need help becoming insurable, they can get you up and running in an hour.

15% discount for Cowbell policyholders

NordPass Business is an intuitive and easy-to-use password management solution for securely storing, managing, and sharing sensitive business credentials. NordPass is fit for companies of any size.

Seedata uses deception technology to enable customers to deploy decoys quickly, automatically rotate them, and detect potential attackers early, reducing the chances of a security incident going unnoticed. Details

25% off Sophos MDR for Cowbell policyholders

Sophos MDR is the world’s most trusted MDR service. We detect and respond to advanced cyberthreats and ransomware, reducing cyber risk and improving insurability. Details

Unlimited complimentary licenses valid for current Cowbell policyholders only

Wizer is a full security awareness LMS to easily run pre-set or custom training & phishing simulations. 1-minute viral videos are relatable & current. Gamification, SCORM, Multi-Lingual, SSO, Policy Management +