Adaptive Cyber Insurance

By harnessing technology and data, Cowbell provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-market businesses with advanced warning of cyber risk and customised cyber insurance adaptable to the evolving threat landscape. Protect your clients today.

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Cowbell for Brokers

Placing cyber liability risk shouldn’t be overwhelming. At Cowbell, we’ve simplified the process and developed a product that can be tailored to the unique needs of your clients. Through our AI-powered platform, cyber risks are rated in real time, giving you the ability to customise quotes in a few clicks and issue relevant, easy-to-understand policies in minutes.

Cyber Insurance Made Easy

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Customise Quotes in a Few Clicks

You can add or remove coverages and endorsements, change submissions, effective dates, the amount of Excess (deductible), and more with just a few clicks on our platform.


Issue Policies in Less Than 5 Minutes

Obtain bindable quotes instantly, enabling you to bind and issue policies within minutes. Receive notifications if quotes are referred to an underwriter.

Book of Business

Upgrade Your Entire Book of Business to Standalone Cyber in Bulk

You can submit a list of accounts, and we will upload, rate, quote, and bind them in bulk, bringing unprecedented efficiencies to your firm.

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Standalone Cyber for Improved Financial Protection

Cowbell Prime One is a standalone, admitted, cyber insurance programme that provides customised coverage aligned to your unique risk exposures. Written on “A+” and “A” rated paper, this adaptive programme is backed by a panel of top global reinsurers.

Standalone Cyber for Better Financial Protection

About Cowbell

Founded in 2019, Cowbell is heralding a new era in cyber insurance by pioneering continuous assessment and underwriting of cyber risk. We are pleased to now offer our proposition and services in the UK marketplace.

Cowbell Rx

Connect with trusted partners to enhance your organisation’s cyber risk profile.
Policyholders receive exclusive offers and discounts on vetted cybersecurity solutions and services.

Cowbell 365

Enhanced experience with cyber risk mitigation and cyber claims. Our in-house team of cyber claim experts and incident response partners are available 24/7, 365 days a year, to support businesses and organisations when they need help the most.

Risk Engineering
Improve your cyber risk profile quickly and easily through Cowbell Insights.
Our risk engineering team supports you with expert advice on how to minimise your risk further.
Obtain extensive resources to respond to all types of cyber incidents.
Ideal Customer
Over 50 years of collective cyber claims experience from our in-house team.
Risk Engineering

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