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Cowbell Prime Tech

Limits up to $5M for businesses with up to $250M in revenue

Prime Tech brings together our robust Prime 250 primary cyber coverage offering and Technology E&O on a single form, previously only available on an excess basis.

Innovation, Experience, and Value-Adds

In addition to the robust coverage that Prime Tech offers, customers often benefit from Cowbell’s innovation and services.


Cowbell Co-Pilot

Prime Tech is powered by Cowbell Copilot, our new, AI-driven assistive underwriting tool. It helps our underwriting team operate with speed and efficiency while providing a deep understanding of the insured’s operations. The result? A more customized approach to underwriting and coverage.


Grade A

The Cowbell Advantage

Brokers and policyholders can count on our claims professionals, robust risk management services, and dedicated support teams with every policy.


Businesses we can help

Prime Tech is available to technology business SMEs with up to $250M in revenue. Our preferred appetite includes:

AV/Video Services

Content Management Software

Data Analytics

Data Center/Colocation Services

Database Management Systems

Hardware Resellers

Health and Wellness Software

IT Consulting Services

IT Staffing

IT System Integrators

Mobile App Developer

Non-Mission Critical Hardware Manufacturing (Accessories)

Office Productivity Software

Contractual Damages


Pre-packaged Software

Reservation Software

SaaS/App Service Provider

Schedule Management System

Training Software

Web Services

The examples and descriptions provided above are for general, informational purposes only. These descriptions are for illustrative purposes and do not constitute, and should not be construed, as any guarantee of coverage. Furthermore, these descriptions do not set forth all possible scenarios and/or situations applicable to the described events. Policyholders should be aware that each situation is unique and their experience may not resemble those set forth in the above examples and descriptions. Nor should policyholders in any way rely on the above examples or descriptions as any type of guarantee or indication of how their particular situation will ultimately be resolved. Policyholders should always refer to their own Policy for specific terms and definitions applicable to their Policy. ©2024 Cowbell Cyber, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Cowbell Insurance Agency LLC, State Licenses:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Coverage is offered?
  • Negligence
  • Breach of warranty/contract
  • Misrepresentation
  • Delay in delivery
  • Product failures
  • Copyright of software code
What are some typical Tech E&O claims scenarios?
  • When a company’s technology services or products fail
  • Defective hardware that is delivered to clients
  • An unplanned outage resulting from a technical error
  • Software that causes a glitch resulting in financial loss
  • Intellectual property rights dispute from a competitor regarding media content that was posted on the website
What are the other associated costs that Prime Tech may assist with?
  • Defense Costs
  • Settlements or judgments
  • Court Fees
  • Privacy Breach Notification
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Data Restoration
  • Social Engineering
  • Business Interruption
  • System Failure
  • Cyber Crime