Signaling a New Era with Adaptive Cyber Insurance

Cowbell Cyber harnesses technology and data to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with advanced warning of cyber risk exposures and customized coverage adaptable to today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

For centuries, cowbells have acted as signals—of safety or distress. At Cowbell Cyber, our technology-forward approach takes inspiration from the original cowbell’s continuous signaling.

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Your Cyber Risk Early Warning System

In days gone by, cowbells clanged to report the status of the herd. Cowbell Cyber uses the same kind of continuous situational awareness for cyber risk. Cowbell pioneered the first continuous underwriting platform for cyber insurance. Cowbell Factors™ benchmark every enterprise against a risk pool of millions of businesses to evaluate their insurability for cyber. Like a reassuring warning signal, Cowbell constantly shows enterprises the hazards as well as the remediations to mitigate cyber exposures.

Talent and Experience Drive Our Success

Skills and experience in enterprise software, insurance, cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence, and other technologies are the foundations of Cowbell Cyber. Each team member brings a unique perspective to work—perfect for a company that focuses on your organization’s individual insurance requirements.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Cowbell is dedicated to creating a diverse workforce. 40% of our employees are women – a high number both for the insurance and technology industries. “Cowbellers” are of all ethnicities and countries, including at the leadership levels.

We take pride in our team’s diversity and see it as one of our biggest strengths. Making everyone feel welcome is a high priority. This is why Cowbell has won several culture-based awards in recent years, including a Great Place To Work certification, Insurance Business America’s DEI award, and Inc.’s Best Workplaces award.

Help us build solutions to address the ever-evolving cyber insurance landscape.

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