Cowbell Cyber Insurance:
Customized, Quantified, Optimized

Cowbell Prime are standalone, admitted cyber insurance programs that fill coverage gaps and deliver customized policies aligned to your quantified risk exposures

AIM: Insure with Pinpoint Accuracy


Quantifying risk exposures tells you exactly how much and what type of coverage your business needs. Use Cowbell Factors™ to evaluate your risk exposures from the inside out.


Mapping insurable cyber threat to a quantified metric readily reveals potential cyber vulnerabilities. Using inside-out observations, Cowbell Factors provide clear and decisive underwriting direction.


As an early detection signal for potential losses, Cowbell Insights help businesses minimize and prevent the financial impact of their unique risk exposures.


A standalone cyber insurance policy is custom-designed to suit your risk profile. With your Cowbell Factors and your broker, determine insurable threat categories and financial impact.


Cowbell automates the process. Your Cowbell Factors guide you. You and your broker determine coverage. The data is already aggregated to help you make the best decisions for your business.


In the aftermath of a cyberattack, Cowbell Factors help enterprises capture necessary information for filing, remediating, and expediting their claims.
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Continuous observation means you can check your risk exposure and progress of your remedial action at any time. Continuous insights allow you to optimize premiums and mitigate risk.

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The AI-powered Cowbell Factors shift cyber risk management from a once-a-year proposition to an on-demand option. Using multiple data sources, the platform continuously evaluates your risk exposure.


Offering auto-remediation guidance, Cowbell allows you to review your risk mitigation efforts as often as you like. You can refine your efforts and adjust your policy to match your evolving needs.

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