We Are Insurance For Good

Cowbell is a heart-led company and we take social responsibility seriously. We put our values into action and celebrate being part of something bigger.

We like to be trailblazers and hope our friends and colleagues in the insurance, cybersecurity, and insurtech industries will follow our lead as we start investing meaningfully in what matters most: a safer and kinder world.

Our social impact is successful if we create a win/win/win for our policyholders, the insurance community, and our team.

Agents and brokers love to give back to their community! We want to help.


Help agents amplify the good they are doing in their communities


Potentially inspire more agencies to get involved locally

Success Stories

Highlight social impact success stories

Cowbellers Volunteering

Putting Our Plan Into Action


Giving back to Communities

We make a donation every time a broker completes a course on our e-learning center Cowbell Academy. Learn more at


Metrics that Matter

Moving forward, Cowbell is dedicating a percentage of our annual revenue to our social impact partners – the non-profit organizations we support.


Caring for the Planet

We invest in tools that measure where and how we spend and travel, so we can more consciously track our eco-footprint and choose vendors who have similar values.

See How We Bring Social Responsibility to Every Aspect of Our Business