Cyber Advantage

Cowbell Factors™

Harnessing inside-out and outside-in data, a library of insurable threats, and artificial intelligence to develop risk ratings that quantify your insurance needs.

What Are Cowbell Factors?

Every Cowbell Factor is a rating index that contributes to the evaluation of your organization’s cyber risk and, therefore, appropriate insurance coverage. The Cowbell Cyber platform guides you to select an insurance policy to match your insurable security threats. Unlike traditional methods, Cowbell Factors apply continuous observation to map exposure and impact.

Network Security

Measures the strength of the organization’s network infrastructure and whether security best practices are deployed – encryption, secure protocols, patching frequency. This factor also checks for vulnerabilities, malware, and misconfigurations.

Cloud Security

Measures the strength of an organization’s cloud security based on footprint on commonly used public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc), security configuration, and alignment to security best practices.

Endpoint Security

Measures endpoint preparedness (servers, mobile devices, IoT endpoints) towards cyberattacks. This factor incorporates the number of endpoints as well as the level of security hygiene applied to them.

Dark Intelligence

Measures an organization’s exposure to the darknet, taking into account the type and volume of data exposed and its value for criminal activity (examples: stolen credentials, PII).

Funds Transfer

Tracks risk markers related to the compromise of emails that commonly leads to nefarious activities such as fraudulent funds transfers.

Cyber Extortion

Measures an organization’s potential exposure to extortion-related attacks such as ransomware.


Measures an organization’s level of compliance to security standards such as CIS (Center of Internet Security) benchmarks, NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework), CSC-20 (Critical Security Controls), HIPAA, PCI, EU GDPR, and CCPA.

Supply Chain

Measures an organization’s susceptibility to software supply chain incidents. This factor is compiled from technographic and firmographic data, web scraping information, and public vulnerability repositories.

How It Works

Cowbell applies artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to normalize collected signals, model risks, and compile Cowbell Factors using 1000+ data points and risk signals from a variety of sources.

Loss Cost

Insights from hundreds of thousands of cyber loss cases


Risk signals from internet-facing infrastructure


Your organization’s inside-out cybersecurity posture

Dark Web Intelligence

Scans of the dark web for potential cyber threats

Business Interruption

Years of industry-specific business interruption data

Regulatory Compliance

Data related to NIST, PCI DSS, CIS, CCPA, and GDPR readiness

Risk signals per account


of SMEs in our risk pool

SMEs monitored

Going Deeper with Cowbell Connectors

Cowbell Cyber can provide a deeper assessment of your cyber risks when connectors to service providers or security vendors are activated. Activating connectors offers additional opportunities to improve your risk ratings and benefit from a premium credit. Ask us for an up-to-date list as new connectors are added monthly.

Benchmark Your Cyber Risk