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Cloud Computing 101 (1/2)

Cloud Computing 101 (1/2)

Cloud computing is the delivery of different computing services through the Internet. These resources include applications and tools like data storage, servers, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the cloud (the Internet) to offer faster...

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Episode 33

“Broker Spotlight on Cyber Insurance Market Trends” with Monica Minkel, VP, Executive Risk Enterprise Leader, PC, Holmes Murphy

Episode 32

Cowbell Academy: Closing the Cyber Insurance Education Gap with AVP, Agency Marketing, Alexis Vaughn

Episode 31

Tia Hopkins, Chief Cyber Resilience Officer, eSentire “Cybersecurity vs. Cyber Resilience: What’s the difference?”

Episode 30

Cowbell’s Take on the Threat Landscape with Matthieu Tsin

Data Reports

Data-driven insights and infographics for topics across the cyber risk landscape and the cyber insurance market.

How did agents and policyholders perceive cyber insurance in 2022?

Cyber Round-Up Q3 2022

Cowbell Cyber report on cyber insurance in the SME market for Q3 2022.

Q2 2022 report by Cowbell Cyber on cyber insurance in the SME market.

First quarterly report by Cowbell Cyber on cyber insurance in the SME market.

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