Cyber Advantage

Continuous Underwriting

Cyber differs from other insurance in that the risk covered is always rapidly changing with digital initiatives, evolving threats, workforce changes, new business partners, and more. Evaluating cyber risk once a year is insufficient. Continuous risk assessment and continuous underwriting is a must to maintain visibility into risk exposures and stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

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Risk Assessment That Captures Exposures in Real-Time

Continuous and individualized risk ratings ensure coverage matches your exact needs and gives you the ability to adjust coverage at your discretion. Tailored recommendations allow you to remediate identified security weaknesses and proactively prevent cyber incidents.

Active Engagement to Improve Individual Risk Profile and Risk Portfolio

With continuous underwriting, Cowbell continuously reevaluates its risk portfolio so that every policyholder in the portfolio benefits from the early warning signs of emerging threats detected in our pool of 31 million accounts (92% of US SMEs). With early warnings, businesses can deploy protective measures to mitigate emerging threats.

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