Cowbell Advantage

Deliver Instant Bindable Quotes

API-based access to Cowbell Prime adds a simple, yet robust option for cyber coverage. The instant delivery of bindable quotes allows agents and their clients to benefit from an immediate assessment of risk and Cowbell risk resources bundled with cyber policies.

API-based Quoting
Digital-First Model for Cyber Insurance

Deploy a Digital-First Model for Cyber Insurance

Data Science

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Rapidly expand your book of business by multiplying options for agents to prepare quotes and for policyholders to access standalone cyber coverage.


Gain Efficiencies

Obtain bindable quotes immediately and eliminate the manual processing of quote requests.

Ideal Customer

Give Customers Control

Present your clients with a co-branded storefront to submit, review and activate standalone cyber coverage.

For Developers

Using Cowbell’s set of APIs, digitial insurance distributors can directly integrate their workflows with Cowbell cyber insurance processes and enable instant rate, quote, bind.

Cowbell API Example

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