Cowbell Connect

Cowbell Cyber’s partner ecosystem delivers value throughout the lifecycle of cyber risks: risk assessment, risk quantification, risk mitigation, risk improvement, and incident response.

Data Aggregators

Data partners contribute to Cowbell’s ability to deliver risk assessment and Cowbell Factors in real-time by providing firmographic, technographic, and individual risk observations.

Cloud Providers

Cowbell works with commonly used cloud infrastructure providers and integrates with them to validate that businesses have configured cloud deployment for security best practices.

Technology Providers

Cowbell Cyber partners with security providers and integrates with their solutions and services to deliver cyber risk insights across an organization’s digital footprint.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cowbell partners with Wizer to bundle employee cyber awareness training with every policy.

Cowbell Rx Marketplace

A marketplace of important security solutions easily accessible to our policyholders with special discount. See our Cowbell Rx page for more details.

Industry Associations and Public Resources

Cowbell Cyber actively participates in associations that serve the insurance and cybersecurity industries with memberships, cyber insurance related content, and event sponsorships. 

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