Closed-Loop Risk Management:

Assess, Insure, Improve, Respond: Cowbell delivers robust cyber insurance coverage bundled with the services and resources needed to stay ahead of today and tomorrow’s threats.

Cowbell Cyber Solutions:
Continuous Underwriting & Loss Control

In today’s economy, cyber intrusion and loss is a matter of “when,” not “if.” Cowbell Cyber Insurance combines inside-out risk observability with customized protection and recommendations to provide a policy that matches your needs as they evolve.
Coverage is specifically designed for cyber risk exposure—not entwined with other lines of coverage.
The solution gleans insight from your existing security posture to understand your inside-out exposure.
No hardware or software installation. Artificial intelligence techniques determine your insurable threat rating.
Ongoing observation capabilities allow you to adjust your cyber insurance coverage as your business evolves.
Get An Early Warning System

24/7 Risk Analysis

Map the probability and severity of insurable threats through your Cowbell Factors™. Using a cloud-based, SaaS-delivered solution, the platform rates your exposure—not just once but continuously.
Select The Right Coverage

Individualized Coverage Level

Cowbell Factors provide decisive insight into the likelihood and severity of an insurable threat that enables you to select appropriate coverage, implement remediation guidance, and optimize premiums.
Skip Time-Consuming Delays

Underwriting in Minutes

Fast, automated, continuous exposure assessment puts all the pieces in place to determine the correct policy for your needs. It also means coverage and premiums can be adjusted on an ongoing basis.

Ask Your Broker About Cowbell Cyber.

The Secret To Enterprise-Specific Insurance Coverage

Through an AI-powered platform, you increase your organization’s insurability, gain complete insight into risk exposure, and take control of loss mitigation.

Assess Your Risk

Machine and deep learning techniques automatically collect and analyze data to determine your security exposure.

View your Cowbell Factors

Working in a way similar to a credit score, Cowbell Factors rate your insurable risk levels by category.

Determine Your Coverage

The Cowbell Cyber platform maps insurable threats and quantifies risk exposure for optimal coverage.

Work With Your Broker

Cowbell Factors empower enterprise risk managers to identify potential exposure and select coverage.

Automate Your Application

Bundling observability and coverage, Cowbell simplifies, expedites, and fulfills your cyber insurance needs.

Measure Your Progress

With continuous insight into your risk exposure, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your risk mitigation.

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