Chambers Bay

Cowbell is excited to partner with Chambers Bay to distribute standalone cyber coverage and risk monitoring services!

Chambers Bay selected Cowbell Cyber because of the company’s robust standalone cyber portfolio which brings the following advantages to Chambers Bay agents and policyholders:

  • Speed: Cowbell Prime enables Chambers Bay agents to prepare multiple, customized quotes in a few clicks.
  • No binding delays: every quote issued by Cowbell Prime can be instantaneously bound with quote, bind and issue capabilities done within minutes.
  • Ease of use and transparency: selling of cyber insurance is simplified with coverages that are presented to policyholders in an easy to understand manner, along with Cowbell Factors to identify risk deviation from the industry average.
  • The wealth of risk management resources for policyholders including: continuous risk assessment and monitoring, cybersecurity awareness training program for employees, access to Cowbell’s risk engineering advice and more.

Cowbell enables agents to offer robust, standalone and admitted cyber coverage to their clients. They can prepare customized quotes in minutes and issue policies instantaneously.

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Why Cowbell?

Cowbell cyber is dedicated to providing standalone, admitted cyber insurance using technology and innovations to deliver relevant coverages and superior experience throughout the insurance process. Our insurance program, Cowbell Prime is written on "A" rated paper and delivers customized coverage to businesses up to $250m in revenue.

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