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Cowbell offers cyber insurance for businesses with up to $250 million in revenue.
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What We Cover

Cowbell Prime 250 covers your risks according to your specific risk exposures. Your Cowbell Factors identify your risk level to help you determine the ideal package of insurance coverage to mitigate potential losses from a cyberattack.

First Party Expenses

Cowbell Breach Fund

Extortion Costs

Data Restoration Costs

Business Impersonation Costs

Reputational Harm Expense

Liability Expenses

Liability Costs

PCI Costs

Regulatory Costs

CCPA Costs

GDPR Costs

Media Liability

Contractual Damages

First Party Losses

Cyber Crime Loss

Business Interruption Loss

Contingent Business Interruption Loss

System Failure Business Interruption Loss

Contingent System Failure

Bricking Costs


Criminal Reward Costs

Utility Fraud Attack

Cowbell Prime 250 is available to businesses with up to $250 million of revenue in 42 states and the District of Columbia on an admitted or surplus basis depending on the state. Click here to access Cowbell’s licensing details. Access Cowbell’s licensing details.