Your Cyber Risk Early Warning System

Continuous analysis of data (including inside-out proprietary data) generates Cowbell Factors™ for risk exposures, enabling accurate coverage selection and optimized premiums.

Cowbell Evaluates Your Risk Factors to Assess Potential Cyber Exposure

Instead of pushing risk assumptions from outside data, Cowbell Factors leverage inside-out data and advanced machine-learning models for better risk assessment and analysis.


The cloud-based, Saas-delivered Cowbell platform is on-boarded in hours using API connectivity without deploying new hardware or software.


Your company’s unique inside-out risk is analyzed using your existing information and the application of artificial intelligence techniques.


Cowbell continuously reviews your company’s status through all phases of cyber risk mitigation, recovery, response, and residual.


Our system calculates the probability of a threat combined with the likely financial impact to determine your level of exposure.


Using your company’s individual risk exposure, Cowbell applies actuarial principles to determine appropriate coverage levels per insurable threat.


Continuous and individualized risk ratings ensure coverage matches your exact needs and gives you the ability to adjust coverage at your discretion.

Get Complete Cyber Risk Insight

Key Industries

Cowbell Designs Cyber Policies Just for You

Cowbell Cyber Insurance is specifically designed for enterprises with up to $250 million in annual revenue. For a health-care, technology, construction, finance, retail, or agriculture business, Cowbell automates insurance applications. As an enterprise risk manager, your work is already done. Cowbell Factors assessment results are always tuned to your exact exposure risk—helping you decide how to control potential losses and work on cybersecurity remediation.

How You Benefit

Cowbell Finds Your Cyber Insurance Sweet Spot

Although standard property and liability insurance relies on decades of actuarial tables, the cyber environment changes too quickly to rely on heat maps or generic industry-wide models. Cowbell Cyber applies deep learning and actuarial principles to find the ideal coverage for you, based on your risk profile and cyber insurance needs. 

We Do The Work

Applications Are Simple

The Cowbell platform aggregates necessary application data so you don’t have to.

You See Your Exposure

Coverage Aligns with Risk

Choose your policy based on your company’s
specific insurable threat exposure.

You’re Always Ready

Continuous Review

The Cowbell platform lets you monitor your
exposure or remediation efforts 24/7.

You Get It Fast

Quotes in Minutes

Brokers can quote and bind in minutes using
the Cowbell risk assessment platform.

Explore How Cowbell Customizes Cyber Insurance