Cowbell Cyber Further Unites Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance with Connector to Secureworks ® Taegis™ VDR

Cowbell Connector for Secureworks Taegis VDR Vulnerability, Detection and Response enhances policyholders’ risk ratings, resulting in insurance terms better aligned with covered exposures

PLEASANTON, Calif. – September 29, 2021Cowbell Cyber®, the industry’s first AI-powered cyber insurance provider for small to medium enterprises, today announced the official release of the Cowbell Connector for Secureworks® TaegisTM VDR software for improved vulnerability management and prioritization. The connector enables Cowbell’s platform to sync with a customer’s infrastructure and gain insight into their security controls for detection and response.

Now, Cowbell Cyber insurance customers using Secureworks will gain continuous, upleveled insights into their cyber risk profiles along with vulnerability management when activating the connector for Taegis VDR.

Taegis VDR reduces remediation efforts up to 15x by assessing 50 factors across organizations and assets, and intelligently prioritizing vulnerabilities together with Secureworks CTU™-curated threat intelligence. Security administrators can focus on the most significant risks more quickly.

“Cowbell Cyber and Secureworks share a common goal for their customers: keeping them secure,” says Rajeev Gupta, chief product officer and co-founder at Cowbell Cyber. “We are demonstrating our commitment to work with cutting-edge technology partners to collectively decrease policyholders’ cyber risk exposures.”

Cybersecurity investments are often completely detached from cyber risk assessments conducted for insurance purposes. By partnering with Secureworks, Cowbell aims to bridge that gap, utilizing all available data, in real-time, to tailor cyber insurance policies to each policyholder while helping them reduce their risk exposures through better visibility. While traditional cyber insurance providers rely on lengthy questionnaires to gauge exposure and deliver static coverage, Cowbell proactively works with partners and policyholders to enable a closed-loop approach to cyber risk management where policyholders can continuously assess, insure, and improve their risks.

Cowbell continuously evaluates risk and looming threats for policyholders, providing immediate, transparent feedback through Cowbell Factors and Cowbell Insights. The Taegis VDR connector checks risk factors against Secureworks’ database of more than 140,000 critical vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) with over 60,000 detection rules across 4,000+ application versions on more than 1,400 versions of operating systems.

In addition, Cowbell customers with the Taegis VDR connector will also be able to:

  • Access their risk assessment and industry peer benchmarking scores.
  • Monitor their Cowbell Factors, including vulnerability detection, prioritization, and response signals, from Secureworks Taegis VDR.
  • Gain a more holistic view of their cyber risks.

“In applying advanced machine learning to prioritization, Taegis VDR surfaces serious security issues that might otherwise be missed, such as a vulnerability normally thought to be of low criticality but attacks a high-value asset,” said Chris Bell, vice president of strategy, corporate development and strategic alliances at Secureworks. “With the Cowbell Connector for Secureworks Taegis VDR, customers of all sizes can focus remediation efforts on the vulnerabilities that truly present the greatest threats to their organization.”

Cowbell’s integrations with various industry leaders is a testament to how quickly the company is expanding. Harnessing Secureworks’ new Taegis platform and 20+ years of real-world threat intelligence and research, Cowbell will comprehensively serve its diverse and rapidly growing customer base.

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Cowbell Cyber is dedicated to providing standalone, admitted individualized, and easy-to-understand cyber insurance for small and mid-size enterprises. In its unique AI-based approach to risk selection and pricing, Cowbell’s continuous underwriting platform, powered by Cowbell Factors, compresses the insurance process from submission to issue to less than 5 minutes. Cowbell Insurance Agency is currently licensed in 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. For more information, please visit

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