Cowbell Report Finds Policyholders Experience Significant Risk Improvement Upon Renewal

Policyholders experience a 9% improvement in relative risk rating after 12 months of cyber coverage with Cowbell

PLEASANTON, Calif. – September 15, 2022Cowbell, the leading provider of cyber insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), today announced the results of its Q3 cyber insurance risk report, the Cowbell Cyber Round-Up report. The topline findings of the report showcase that Cowbell’s continuous risk assessment and monitoring keep policyholders and insurers up-to-date with risk profile changes, enabling the proactive remediation of newly identified risk exposures, resulting in a 9% improvement in relative risk rating. 

The report finds policyholders significantly improve their risk profile and optimize their premium at renewal by taking advantage of the risk management and risk engineering resources bundled by Cowbell with every policy. Through Cowbell Factors, policyholders enter the cyber insurance renewal cycle with unmatched visibility and control over their risk exposures. Cowbell’s continuous assessment equips businesses prior and throughout the policy period to help improve their cyber risk profile and circumvent cyber incidents. This data underpins Cowbell’s low reported claims of under 2%, well under the industry average. 

“Every Cowbell policy is bundled with access to robust risk management resources. This partnered approach gives control back to the policyholder when it comes to improving their cybersecurity posture, and thus, policy and premium,” says Manu Singh, director of risk engineering at Cowbell. “The Q3 Cyber Round-Up report clearly demonstrates the positive impact this approach has on our policyholders.”

Highlighted features and findings in this quarter’s report include:

  • At renewal, the risk rating (aka Cowbell Factors) of Cowbell’s policyholders as benchmarked against their respective industries shows a relative 9% improvement overall validating the on-going efforts from Cowbell’s risk engineering team to engage policyholders on a continuous risk improvement process to help them avoid cyber incidents.
  • Accounts that enable Cowbell Connectors, an additional activation that generates deeper insights of an organization’s risk profile, perform better end up across all Cowbell Factors by an average of 5 percentage points compared to their industry peers.  

This is the third Round-Up report delivered by Cowbell. Through these reports, Cowbell showcases a new era in cyber insurance by championing a new form of coverage and policies that give back control to the policyholders on how their cybersecurity posture directly impacts their policy and premium. 

SMEs that want to understand whether they represent a bigger insurance risk than industry peers are invited to request their organization’s Cowbell Factors at 

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Cowbell is signaling a new era in cyber insurance by harnessing technology and data to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with advanced warning of cyber risk exposures bundled with cyber insurance coverage adaptable to today and tomorrow’s threats. In its unique AI-based approach to risk selection and pricing, Cowbell’s continuous underwriting platform, powered by Cowbell Factors, compresses the insurance process from submission to issue to less than 5 minutes. Cowbell Insurance Agency is currently licensed in 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Cowbell Reinsurance Company is a licensed insurance captive in the State of Vermont. For more information, please visit

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