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10% discount on services for Cowbell policyholders

FRSecure builds better security cultures and programs both in your organization and the information security industry at large via its on-demand security experts.

3rd Party Vendor Risk Management Compliance Incident Response Penetration Testing Tabletop Exercises VCISO Vulnerability Management

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Global Cyber Alliances toolkit for small businesses provides free and effective resources that will immediately reduce cyber risk.

Non-profit/Educational Resources Security Awareness Training Starter Kit Workforce Development

20% off of reactive Incident Response services and 10% off of proactive Incident Response services valid for Cowbell policyholders.

Guidepoint navigates the complex threat and cybersecurity solution landscape with trusted expertise, solutions and services to help your organization make better decisions that minimize risk.

App Security Cloud Security Compliance Cyber Risk Assessment Data Security/Back up & Restore Email Security Identity Incident Response Managed Endpoint Security MSSP Network Security Penetration Testing Security Awareness Training Security Operations Center (SOC) Vulnerability Management

Free security consultation for Cowbell policyholders

Hub Security is a zero-trust confidential computing platform to protect your sensitive data and applications.

App Security Compliance Incident Response Threat Intelligence

25% discount on 1 or 3 year subscriptions for Cowbell policyholders

Knowbe4 is a global leader in cybersecurity awareness training, aiming to make the “human firewall” stronger than ever.

Security Awareness Training

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LoginTC is a great MFA solution for small businesses, and if you need help becoming insurable, they can get you up and running in an hour. Details

MFA/Single Sign On Starter Kit

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Mandiant has industry leading threat intelligence that enables their custoemrs to decisively take action in their cyber risk management.

Incident Response Threat Intelligence

Inquire for discounts for Cowbell policyholders

Best-in-class protection against phishing impersonation, and more. Get started in under 5 minutes.

Email Security Security Awareness Training Starter Kit

50% discount on ransomware detection products for Cowbell policyholders

Minerva enables you to autonomously prevent ransomware before it even starts, regardless your team’s size and skillset with patented anti-ransomware solution.

Ransomware Prevention

10% discount for Cowbell policyholders

Nodeware is your first line of defense against cyber-attacks, delivering continuous visibility into your company’s network and real-time alerts for critical risks 24/7/365.

Vulnerability Management
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