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If your business falls into any of the categories below, please send an email to ytbrory@inyznexst.pbz or qjvyohea@inyznexst.pbz requesting an off-line application:

  • Your business is located in CT, HI, or VT
  • You have previously made a cyber insurance claim
  • You have 12-month revenues greater than $100M
  • Your member office operates as an unincorporated entity

If you said “no” to all of the above, please proceed to get Cyber insurance here:

Cyber Coverage

Protect Your Company Against Cyber Losses

Standalone and customized to your needs, Cowbell Cyber Insurance covers your risks according to your specific cybersecurity exposures. Your Cowbell Factors identify your risk level to help you determine the ideal package of insurance coverage to mitigate potential losses from a cyberattack.