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“Cowbell’s cyber insurance product and platform offer the best way to understand, learn, and implement effective cyber protection.”

—Scott Ligouri, founder of The Insurance Loft

“Cowbell brings resiliency to cyber insurance market via its cross-industry innovation and cutting-edge technology. We are proud to have this award-winning team as part of our growing AI portfolio in the Tri-Valley.”

—Don Garman, Co-founder and Managing partner, Tri-Valley Ventures

“We are thrilled to participate in Cowbell’s growth and proud to have provided the platform for Cowbell to leverage our mentor network of insurance executives and professionals, who are largely driven from the 13 insurance companies who serve as our investors.”

—Nicole Gunderson, Managing director, Global Insurance Accelerator

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Cyber Insurance: A Crucial Part of Any Cybersecurity Strategy

Cyber Insurance: A Crucial Part of Any Cybersecurity Strategy

The threat landscape has been expanding rapidly, and companies are under immense pressure to respond. That’s where an emerging market is coming in: cyber insurance. This is a relatively new idea in the world of insurance but has grown exponentially over the past decade. Read more

How the Cloud Has Opened New Doors for Hackers

How the Cloud Has Opened New Doors for Hackers

While the cloud infrastructure is physically more secure, the complex services the cloud enables have made it harder to monitor access and simpler to make errors. Every hack is costly and affects various aspects of the consumer’s life which risks your information to be exposed at any time. Read more

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May 26 @ 11am PST
May 26 @ 11am PST

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