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by | Oct 7, 2022 | Culture

Anyone who has been a part of a sales meeting knows how important it is to reach quota, drive revenue, and hit metrics that impact the bottom line. Those things are important, but as soon as we raise our glances above the Zoom screen, what are the metrics that matter most? Your own personal answer may point toward your family, your friends, and feeling like you are a part of something bigger than the 9-5 work we do.  

“This was an eye opening experience. I was exhausted after 2 hours of hard manual work. It makes me so grateful for what I have.” – Cowbell’s head of people.

We launched Cowbell Cares this year as a way of giving our employees and partners a sense of mission and purpose beyond the incredible work we do every day as a cyber insurance provider. First off, our leadership approved dedicating a percentage of our revenue to non-profit organizations so we could shift marketing dollars from being spent on disposable, plastic giveaways to making impactful donations instead. 

This September, we went one step further to level-up this mission. Every Cowbeller was given 4 hours of “Volunteer PTO” to spend time at any non-profit of choice, with one option being to work alongside other Cowbellers at food banks across the country. We worked with our partner, Feeding America, to support their efforts for September Hunger Action Month, by dividing the company into regional hubs with leaders in every location to coordinate.  

“We are so focused on our own problems and forget there are people out there that don’t have a roof over their heads, access to clean water, food, etc. Volunteering was fun and enjoyable and even inspired my wife and I to discuss various ways of incorporating philanthropy in our lives.” – Cowbell’s lead risk engineer

The Cowbell Cares team is thrilled to share these metrics from the month of September alone:



Follow along with us as we chart our journey towards living our values in action, as we adapt to a new type of business culture where impact is top of mind, where employees, partners, and customers all feel connected to a greater mission. Cowbell DOES care, from the C-Suite to our mighty Concierge. We are insurance for good. 

If you want to become part of our hard-working, ambitious, and multi-dimensional team, consider applying. There are multiple positions open and we would love to have you join the Cowbell family.

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