Company Culture Counts Twice in a Remote Workforce: Longhorn 2023

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Culture

At Cowbell, our company culture matters. We know that we are only as good as our people, and keeping employees engaged has been part of our secret to success. Our recent Best Workplace award from Inc. Magazine only confirms this. We have many initiatives that set us apart when it comes to company culture, but one particular highlight is our annual Longhorn event.

Every year, all Cowbellers spend a week together at Longhorn to celebrate our wins, network, and spend time together outside of virtual meetings. This year, our motto was to “Live deliberately”, urging us to act consciously and purposefully as we make choices about where we spend our time, money, focus, energy, and resources.

Our Founders opened the event with an inspiring speech about our mission, vision, and values. The following days were spent learning from internal and external subject matter experts who addressed the topic of cyber insurance from policy, cybersecurity, and insurance perspectives. 

On the last day, we celebrated our rising stars at our Awards dinner and closed out the evening with our very own “Cowchella” talent show. This year, our Cowbellers showcased their talents, including poetry slamming, singing, dancing, and playing the guitar and the piano. We even had our very own reenactment of the famous SNL skit, “More Cowbell”! The event paid homage to the diverse array of talent we possess in our company – not just in business but also in the arts. 

Cowbell was founded in 2019, shortly before the pandemic forced us to shut down offices and only allowed meeting virtually. Today, our 200+ Cowbellers are spread between four countries and three continents. Most of us haven’t met the majority of our colleagues in person. Getting to shake hands and talk face-to-face may seem like a minor thing, but truly makes all the difference to us. 

We brought home from Longhorn renewed motivation, a fresh perspective on the importance of our work, many new and deepened connections, and the intention to live deliberately. Until next year!

– Team Cowbell

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