“The Importance of Being Proactive: Crowdstrike, A Cowbell Partner” with Adam Cottini

by | Dec 20, 2022 | Podcast

It’s the one-year anniversary of The Cowbell Factors Podcast! This week, we welcomed Adam Cottini, Director of Business Development – Insurance and Legal Verticals at CrowdStrike to the show. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  1. Thinking proactively and identifying predominant priorities are key. 
  2. CrowdStrike aligned itself with the insurance industry because, fundamentally, the company sought to create products and services to address risk.
  3. Cost-effective and efficient choices can help bridge the gap between insurance and technology. Technology facilitates better cyber hygiene which in turn positively impacts the underwriting evaluation. 
  4. Cowbell’s 24/7/365 adaptive and closed-loop approach to risk management is extremely valuable for the underwriter and the insured because it is truly a partnership.
  5. The industry as a whole may need more platforms to leverage the various investments in technology. The future has in it the ability to marry technology providers, coalesce data, and allow the customer to see a consistent and clear picture of their risk profile. 
  6. CrowdStrike’s services retainers involve a proactive retainer and the ability to have CrowdStrike on-call for incident response. Cowbell policyholders are offered exclusive access to discounted CrowdStrike offerings.

For more, be sure to listen to Adam’s full podcast episode. Visit the Cowbell Factor Podcast library to listen to last season’s episodes and subscribe to stay up to date on upcoming ones. It is available on most podcast platforms (iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google podcast, Apple podcast, Anchor and Radio Public). If you enjoyed this episode, consider rating it with 5 stars on Spotify and Apple!

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