Proud to be a Cowbeller – Cowbell celebrates Pride and Inclusion

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Culture

Cowbell is proud to celebrate Pride, not just in June, but all year long. Through diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, we empower all Cowbellers to be their authentic selves. At Cowbell, this starts from the moment you join the herd.

Jessica Newman, Cowbell’s Director of Strategic Alliances says:

“I appreciate working at a company where I just felt included from day one. The way our company introduces every new cowbeller is in front of everyone on a company huddle. We get to say who we are, what we value, what we love doing outside of work and I just felt comfortable enough from that moment to explain that I have a wife and two small boys. A lot of people calculate when they are going to come out of the closet at a company and I just felt really comfortable doing so from day one. I love working at Cowbell where inclusivity is something that is lived and felt, not necessarily something that we have trainings for or that we say we do. It’s something that we live.”

Creating an inclusive culture starts with promoting an environment where everyone feels safe, respected, and valued for who they are. In a remote workforce, this can be achieved through various means. We’ve established an Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to supporting LGBTQ+ employees can provide a space for open dialogue, collaboration, and support. Simon Fraser leads Cowbell’s LGBTQ+ ERG and notes that “A good company like Cowbell empowers and enables, from the top down, those folks at all levels of the company to rise up and speak up about what they need to be successful. Employee Resource Groups came from people who were working in other functions.”

We also love to celebrate individuality by encouraging Cowbellers to share their personal stories and experiences, fostering a sense of community and understanding among team members.

Bre Rawls, an Underwriter at Cowbell shares her experience about working at Cowbell:

“Hey everyone, I’m Bre! Bre Rawls, I’m on the underwriting team here at Cowbell. I’m very grateful to work at a company like Cowbell. The culture here is amazing and created so all individuals can thrive, no matter your race, sex, disability or sexual orientation. I came to Cowbell where I was welcomed with open arms since my initial interviews to be my authentic self. I’ve been a lesbian most of my adult life and a step mother for 11 years of a daughter.

I have always been unapologetically me! I love Cowbell for making sure to highlight its employees for pride month all June. This shows how important each Cowbeller is here. How important a diverse environment with all different types of people at the table. Speaks volumes to the culture.

I’ve never hid who I was and always been vocal about it. Gay and Proud! Not every person or company respected that or understood that in the past. But, coming to Cowbell gives hope for the insurance industry and the entire world as a global company that all generations need to see. You can do anything! Is the message to learn as we continue to break barriers within society. The best lesson I have learned is that the right folks and/or company will support you always! Cowbell is that company & I’m proud to be a Cowbeller as a result!”

Cowbell’s celebration of diversity and commitment to inclusivity extends beyond Cowbellers, into our partners and customers. As a provider of cyber insurance, this mindset matters. Simon Fraser, Senior Director of Broker Success at Cowbell UK, emphasizes this: “It’s important when were protecting companies and businesses, though we’re not just protecting the entity. We’re also protecting the people that built that entity and the community that entity supports. We need to be aware of the people we are protecting.”

Celebrating Pride Month in a company with a remote workforce requires a deliberate and creative approach. By fostering a culture of inclusion, we have created an environment where LGBTQ+ employees feel valued, supported, and celebrated. Cowbellers’ unique identities are superpowers and provide value to the company as a whole. Embracing diversity and celebrating Pride Month not only strengthens the sense of belonging, but also reinforces the company’s commitment to equality and inclusivity.

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