Q3 Cyber Round-Up Report

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Podcast

This week’s special edition episode of The Cowbell Factors Podcast featured Marion Krueger, Content Marketing Lead at Cowbell, discussing the recently released Q3 Cyber Round-Up report.

To her role at Cowbell, Marion brings academic training in public policy and technology. She enjoys being at the boundary of technology and related topics, the intersection between quantitative and qualitative approaches. “The technological and digital developments we’re seeing around us every day are amazing, but they all have impacts and ripple effects that may not be predictable from the beginning.” 

At Cowbell, this intersection is realized as the bulk of what Marion does is “translating the amazing and innovative technical aspects of our cyber insurance products to our various stakeholders and audiences.” Certainly, the quarterly Cyber Round-Up reports are examples of this.

Starting in Q1 of this year, Cowbell has published quarterly reports and plans to continue to do so going forward. With each report, Cowbell seeks to be a thought and industry leader, as well as reveal novel data-driven conclusions that are relevant to the market as a whole. You can find the Q1 Cyber Round-Up here and the Q2 Cyber Round-Up here

The Q3 Cyber Round-Up report focuses on policyholders and the numerous resources available to them, on top of the policy itself. These resources include free or discounted technology tools, risk engineering services from Cowbell, and connectors that improve their risk.

The two major findings of the report are as follows:

  1. At renewal, the risk rating (i.e., Cowbell Factors) of Cowbell’s policyholders as benchmarked against their respective industries shows a 9% improvement overall validating the ongoing efforts from Cowbell to engage policyholders on a continuous risk improvement process to help them avoid cyber incidents. 
  2. In addition, accounts that activated connectors to bring additional inside-out data into the risk assessment process showed significant improvement across all Cowbell Factors by an average of 5 points, compared to their industry peers. 

These findings are relevant for current and potential future Cowbell policyholders, as well as agents and brokers who are selling Cowbell policies and need to understand how Cowbell is different and explain this to customers. Based on the report’s findings, it is clear that policyholders can better control cyber incidents and qualify for more insurance options.

Marion concludes, “At the end of the day, the relationship between Cowbell as the insurance provider and our customers, the policyholders, is truly a partnership.” 

To hear Marion’s episode in full, please listen to the full podcast episode.

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