Cowbell Prime 250 is live, making Cyber Insurance 2.0 a reality

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Innovation


I’m proud to announce that we are taking our second cyber insurance program live this week, expanding our addressable market to millions of businesses and delivering on Cyber Insurance 2.0. This is, with no doubt, the biggest announcement made by Cowbell since launching in September 2019. 

What is Cowbell Prime 250 and what’s unique about it: 

  • Dedicated to cyber, the program brings a portfolio of coverages that truly address the diversity of cyber incidents that plague businesses in 2020;
  • Serves businesses with up to $250m in revenue with coverage up to $15m;
  • Written on the most robust forms available on the market today for cyber;
  • Designed with policyholders in mind, the coverages are organized based on how businesses experience incidents. Clarity of coverage is core to Prime 250; 
  • Rapid and easy customization of quotes – with 3 pre-configured industry-specific packages – Basic, Popular, Elite -, agents can prepare relevant quotes in no time. They can further customize quotes and policies, limits, and other parameters with a few clicks;
  • Cowbell Breach Fund: providing coverage for many expenses common to all cyber incidents, the limit for this coverage can be increased through an endorsement;
  • Process simplicity and speed: we deliver on the above without compromising simplicity and speed. 

Last but not least, loss control is at the root of Cowbell’s offering. Because our platform runs cyber risk assessment continuously and compiles Cowbell Factors and Cowbell Insights in near real-time, every business – policyholder or not – always remains up-to-date on their risk exposures and can take proactive action to improve their posture. (Yes, this reads like an obvious call to invite all businesses to visualize their Cowbell Factors on our platform. We can onboard you today – let us know). 

Congratulations to our engineering team which not only codified Cowbell Prime 250 but also integrated policy management capabilities natively into our platform. We strongly believe that a vertically integrated insurance offering allows us to better serve policyholders and our insurance partners.

I encourage you to stay tune to our communication channels. Our insurance team loves to speak about how they approached designing Prime 250 and why we strongly believe that standalone cyber coverage is the only way for any business to get adequate financial protection against the wide range of threats. 

So what’s next:

Cowbell Prime 100 is live in 18 states, Prime 250 is already admitted in 12. We are accelerating our U.S. roll-out to 50 states while adding value to policyholders. They get value on day one and every day after with Cowbell Factors and Cowbell Insights. Today, we have connectors to Microsoft 365, AWS, Google Cloud, Security Studio, and a few more. As we build more connectors to cloud and security providers, every individual organization on our platform – policyholder or not – benefits from the insights of the entire user population. And it’s only getting better over time!

Thank you for taking the time to read and please share this blog and Cowbell 90-sec introduction video with colleagues who might benefit from it. 


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