Cowbell Adds Security Insights from Google Cloud to its Risk Rating Model for Cyber Insurance

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Cyber Risk, Partner

We are pleased to announce that Cowbell has added real-time risk insights from Google’s security platform, Security Command Center, to its cyber insurance risk assessment model. Cowbell policyholders who utilize Google Cloud can now opt into real-time risk insights as a free, bundled value-add to their cyber insurance policy.

As a cyber insurance provider, Cowbell incorporates Google Cloud security data into its overall risk assessment model. Policyholders and cyber insurance applicants can activate the Cowbell connector to Google Cloud, built on publicly-available APIs from Google’s Security Command Center. Security configuration data is accessed on a read-only basis following all security requirements from the publicly-available APIs.

Google Cloud is one of the top three most commonly used cloud platforms, and Cowbell is proud to offer a cyber insurance experience that incentivizes Google customers to be vigilant about how they configure their Google Cloud, which helps their businesses to thrive.

Like home insurance providers try to minimize fire damage by asking homeowners to connect their smoke detectors to local fire departments, adding security configuration insights from commonly used applications enables Cowbell and its policyholders to reduce the frequency and severity of cyber incidents.

This new connector comes after the recent addition of Cowbell’s connector for Google Workspace. It adds to the portfolio of Cowbell connectors available to policyholders for the most commonly used cloud, collaboration, email services, and cybersecurity solutions, including vulnerability management and endpoint security products. No other insurance provider offers insurance coverage aligned to their security deployment of the Google Cloud Platform.

Cowbell also offers a premium credit to eligible Google customers who activate the new connector for Google Cloud. Through this connector, Cowbell helps Google Cloud customers close their insurability gap, unlocking more favorable coverage terms and even offers a 5% premium credit for eligible policyholders. Additionally, policyholders benefit from high-value insights in real-time, adding much value to their overall risk management strategies.

Cowbell is elevating innovation in the cyber insurance experience with our inside out data strategy.  Unlike traditional insurance carriers, Cowbell was designed by cyber experts and uses the power of big data and machine learning to drive a modern cyber insurance purchasing experience. This additional connector supports Cowbell’s continuous risk assessment and precise underwriting and helps Cowbell continue to build a smarter and more effective cyber insurance experience aligned to customers’ unique technology deployments.

Cowbell policyholders who utilize Google Cloud can activate their connectors today! Our incredible team of experienced risk engineers is always available for support.


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