Happy Halloween From The Cowbell Cyber Team

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Culture


Cowbell Cyber loves to celebrate – be it the 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, or non-Western holidays like Diwali. But with Covid still limiting social interaction, and the whole team scattered all over the country, celebrating together can be challenging. 

So this year, all Cowbellers were in for a special Halloween treat – an online Scavenger hunt. Teams were established, and the first task was to come up with spooky team names: Howlbell, Yummy Mummies, and Rabid Ransom Hares were just a few that show the teams’ creativity.
Then, they participated in fun challenges like creating a Zoom-Frankenstein’s Monster, or the Halloween version of rock, paper, scissors – pumpkin, scarecrow, monster.

It’s safe to say that we all had a blast and used the opportunity to get to know Cowbellers from other departments of the company. Something that is becoming harder with our accelerated growth but still is very important to us.  

We believe that our culture is one of our biggest strengths and something that we protect fiercely through our hiring process that not only focuses on talent and expertise, but also interpersonal skills, as well as plenty of culture- and team building activities. 

Our team is diverse in every aspect – professional background (insurance and technology), nationality, ethnicity, ages, genders, and more. We are convinced that this is the key to an innovative and creative organization. 

We make it a point to learn from each other, take each other’s points of view into consideration, and have an open conversation at all times. At Cowbell, everybody has a voice, not just managers and the C-Suite. Cowbellers respect each other’s opinions and work together, not against each other.

This is the reason why we have come as far as we did, move as quickly as we do, and manage to disrupt the industry with innovation, technology, and insurance expertise. 

We want to give a special shout-out to Boombox, who organized this year’s amazing scavenger hunt. If you are interested in joining our fast-growing team, consider applying – we’re hiring across almost all departments. Happy Halloween!


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