The Sales Point of View: Southeast Region

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Podcast

It’s the one-year anniversary of The Cowbell Factors Podcast! This week, we welcomed fellow Cowbeller, Southeast Territory Sales Director, Matt Valentine to the show.

  1. The relationship between the sales and underwriting functions at Cowbell is unique. Though they are in their own functions, they operate in lock-step and both engage with agency partners, broker partners, and distribution partners. Cowbell can better serve its customers by having increased points of contact with organizations and offering them access to more Cowbell experts.
  2. Cowbell recently doubled its capacity, the lifeblood of any insurance company along with data. This means Cowbell is addressing the market’s increasing demand for cyber insurance.
  3. Cowbell Re is the cyber insurance captive that Cowbell created in order to bear risk. Ultimately, we want to empower our policyholders to prevent cyber incidents and we have money on the line, along with them.
  4. Cowbell Rx is one example of a value-add that Cowbell offers policyholders, agents, and brokers. It’s a vendor marketplace that can be taken advantage of by policyholders (e.g., free or discounted cybersecurity services). For instance, Cowbell Rx via the team negotiating these discounted services resulted in a customer saving over $120,000 over the 5-year life of the policy.
  5. We continue to be innovative. We’re thrilled to pave the way toward Adaptive Cyber Insurance and give policyholders coverage that can evolve with their cyber risk while giving them incentives to improve their risk profile.  
  6. Our Risk Engineering services are free with any policy! Building a culture of security and taking small steps in that direction can make a huge difference.

For more, be sure to listen to Matt’s full podcast episode. Visit the Cowbell Factor Podcast library to listen to last season’s episodes and subscribe to stay up to date on upcoming ones. It is available on most podcast platforms (iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google podcast, Apple podcast, Anchor and Radio Public). If you enjoyed this episode, consider rating it with 5 stars on Spotify and Apple!

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