The Cowbell team is proud to announce that Cowbell Cyber has been nominated for the 2020 Insurance Insider Honours award in the “Disruptor of the Year” category. 

With the pandemic crisis comes heightened anxiety and uncertainty for every business leader, including the need to shift to a work-from-home model and rely on online processes. Our mission, “cyber insurance made easy”, has never been as important as now, with cyber attacks going up and SMBs not being able to protect themselves against it. We are aware that those are times of change and new challenges that come with it, and we want to help small and mid-size businesses with the transition to a more remote way of working. One of our goals is to empower insurance agencies to use our digital insurance platform to build a robust cyber line of business and turn this period of crisis into an opportunity. 

This is why Cowbell got called into life, and being recognized for your efforts is always a good feeling. It makes you remember the importance of your mission, and why you enjoy what you do so much. 

Today, Cowbell has the honor to be nominated for the Insurance Insider Honours award, which celebrates global market talent. The “Disruptor of the Year” category specifically rewards young companies who have shaken up the industry with their innovative technologies.
This is our fourth award nomination. In 2019, we were a Cohort for the Global Insurance Accelerator Award, and a finalist for the Resilience Innovation Challenge Award, and this year we got nominated for the Insurance Insider US honors Award in the category “Insurance Innovation of the Year”. The ceremony will be held in November.

For tips that make moving online in COVID world easier, Jack Kudale, Cowbell’s Founder and CEO, recently published an article on just that in insurance thought leadership.   

This has been an exciting journey and the Cowbell team wants to thank you for your support along the way.