For a start-up such as Cowbell, much can happen in little time. So much, in fact, that we decided to dedicate this post on the progress made in the last three months with Prime 100, our standalone, admitted insurance product launched earlier this year. Prime 100 is now admitted in more states, additional coverages have been added. Here is an overview of what’s new:

Cowbell Prime 100 is admitted in 9 states as of Jun, 25th – more to come in Q3!

Prime 100 in a state-admitted, standalone cyber insurance program in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. And more states are coming soon! 

We are amazed at how well insurance agencies everywhere have responded to the program and can’t wait to further deepen our relationships with partner agents. After all, cybercrime doesn’t discriminate against states – it is omnipresent, and every business, no matter where, needs to be protected against it.

Prime 100 went live in California in May and it is worth mentioning that a bill has been introduced in the state requiring every business processing sensitive data (PII, PHI or other) to be insured against cyber crime. This is a great response to the ever-increasing numbers of attacks that so many businesses, no matter the size, are experiencing. It is worth noting that many security and privacy regulations require businesses to have a cyber incident response plan documented and tested. We believe that this will soon be taken further with mandatory insurance so that organizations can indeed respond effectively to cyber incidents. It’s a good time to get ahead of the trend and start offering standalone cyber insurance or upgrading, at renewal time, data breach endorsements to a comprehensive standalone policy. 

Prime 100: An enhanced repertoire of coverages and endorsements

Social Engineering, Ransom Payment, Hardware Replacement Costs and more

In April, we introduced social engineering as a new endorsement to directly tackle the rise in cybercrimes such as phishing and email scams. Now, businesses can better protect themselves financially against such attacks with Prime 100. The new social engineering endorsement comes with a limit up to $250k and deductible as low as $10,000. 

The following 4 new endorsements are also available: 


Coverage for the reimbursement of the monetary value of any ransom payment made by the insured to a third party in response to a ransom demand to resolve an extortion threat. This endorsement complements Cyber Extortion coverage. 


Coverage for the cost to replace computers or any associated devices or equipment operated by the insured that are unable to function as intended due to corruption or destruction of software or firmware, resulting from a cyber incident.  


Coverage for labor costs incurred to resolve vulnerabilities or weaknesses in the insured’s computer system that are identified by an independent security firm after a cyber incident. Identified upgrades or improvements must reduce the probability or potential damage of a future incident to qualify.


Coverage for the cost of unauthorized use of the insured’s telephone system following a cyber incident.

This is all in addition to coverages available initially, which are detailed in a previous blog – Prime 100: Cowbell Cyber’s New Insurance Product Explained

With cyber threats reaching new levels of complexity, the benefits of a standalone, admitted cyber insurance program are immediate for policyholders: clarity of coverages and deep insights into risk exposures with suggested remediation – note that this is available to all businesses, policyholders or non-policyholders.

If you need to understand how Cowbell Prime 100 compares to other cyber insurance offerings, such as a data breach endorsement on a Business Owner Policy (BOP) or other packaged coverage, please contact us at [email protected]


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