Hosting an event in 2020 has been a bigger challenge than anyone would have expected just a few months ago. Black Hat USA is no exception and is running as a virtual event this year.   

Luckily, in cyberspace, most hosts, as well as attendees have the technology and know-how to plan, execute, and attend virtual events. 2020 is Black Hat’s 23rd anniversary, but only the second year to feature cyber insurance.

Joining the discussion on cyber insurance was Rajeev, Cowbell’s co-founder and CPO. During his discussion on Security Guy TV during Black Hat, he shed light on the stage of the cyber insurance market and adoption drivers and as well as what companies should be looking for when considering cyber coverage.  

During his interview, Rajeev explains that better, more systematic education is behind the growth of the cyber insurance market. Businesses are starting to understand and recognize the need to mitigate the financial burdens associated with all types of cyber incidents – network intrusion, ransomware, social engineering, extortion, email compromise and more. 

The process starts with a thorough assessment of cyber risks based on actual observations of the organization infrastructure. Cowbell Factors deliver relative measures of an organization’s risk across 7 components with industry peer comparison. These ratings are updated on a continuous basis, and are delivered online with Insights and Recommendations, allowing organizations to take actions and remediate top priority risks. We believe that Cowbell’s platform can have a direct, positive impact on how small and mid-size businesses can proactively address cyber risks, while delivering cyber policies that are tailored to the unique needs of each business. 

Replay the full podcast with Rajeev on your own time or visit Cowbell’s resource library on our website for more resources and podcasts on cyber insurance and the cyber insurance market. 

We are very grateful for Chuck Harrold for inviting Cowbell to his Black Hat live show and congratulation to the Black Hat conference team for a well-done transition to a virtual format.

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