Even though cyber is a must-have insurance in 2021, many agents still shy away from offering it. Incomprehensive coverages, misinformation about the need for small- and mid-size businesses to have cyber coverage, and a general fear of the complexity of cyber policy terms, are the main reasons for that. Cowbell Cyber’s mission is to inform brokers and policyholders about cyber insurance and help them adapt to the new need for it.
For every broker with a question, no matter the topic, our Territory Account Managers are here to help. It is their job to make the transition to standalone cyber as smooth and quick as possible, and they are available for any issue that may arise in the process.
Britney Rohall is one of Cowbell’s Territory Account Managers (TAMs), responsible for the North-East region of the US. Today, she will tell us about the TAMs responsibilities, and how they help agents all over the country every day.

Tell us about yourself, Britney.

My time in the insurance industry began in 2015 right out of college working for a Professional & Management Liability wholesaler just outside of Philadelphia. I took immediate interest in cyber liability and made that my main focus while working as a broker. During my time there, I ran the Technology Liability and Cyber Liability division while also sitting on various Broker Advisory Councils for different cyber carriers. When I first learned of Cowbell, I loved the approach to cyber liability – an easy and efficient way for retail and wholesale partners to quote, bind and issue policies without having the headache of getting a fully completed application, waiting on third party underwriting, etc. It didn’t take long after getting a better understanding of Cowbell and our mission for me to join the team and I couldn’t have made a better decision! The partnerships that I’ve already cultivated and the team that I’ve worked with in my 6 months here have been a remarkable part of my journey thus far.

What are the responsibilities of a Territory Account Manager?

Our main priority is to be a go to resource for our agency partners, no matter what they need. We’re here to support them while they grow their cyber liability book and ultimately are looking to build out a partnership we’ll both be a part of for the long term. Whether it’s a coverage or platform related question, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure it’s handled swiftly and smoothly. When they win, we also win and that’s a beautiful thing.

How are agency relationships different in cyber compared to traditional insurance?

Cyber relationships with agencies tend to be more hands on because it’s a newer line of coverage and more dynamic. Cyber Liability has always been my area of expertise – I love being able to educate my agency partners every step of the way. We tend to speak daily to help their teams on the ever evolving exposures of cyber liability and answer any questions they may have.

Cyberattacks are not an if, but when scenario – don’t stray away from offering cyber insurance because it’s new or foreign.

What are some of your greatest challenges as a TAM?

Territory Account Managers are the face of the company, so it’s essential for us to have a good understanding of all departments within Cowbell. Knowing when to ask for help from other departments to help solve problems quickly is paramount and ensures we’re able to be the best resource to our partners. Wearing many different hats can certainly be a challenge, but everyday is different and that keeps the role fun.

What would you tell agencies that are still shying away from offering cyber insurance policies to their clients?

All businesses out there have cyber risks and need cyber liability, whether the insured feels they have an exposure or not. Cyber is so much more than a singular insuring agreement – the scenarios that will trigger a claim are sometimes far fetched, but a cyberattack is almost certainly going to happen to an entity over the lifespan of its operations. 

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Cyberattacks are not an if, but when scenario – don’t stray away from offering cyber insurance because it’s new or foreign. When you partner with Cowbell we’ll help educate your team and give you all the resources needed to make your team feel confident with offering Cyber Liability to all of your commercial insureds in order to round out their insurance portfolio.


If you have any more questions about Cowbell Cyber, and are interested in getting appointed, you can contact us at [email protected].
If you would like to join our team and become a Territory Account Manager yourself, you can apply here!