2020 was an influential year for Cowbell Cyber. The company grew substantially in all aspects: appointed agents, issued policies, admitted States, and quoted accounts, just to name a few. All of that wouldn’t have been possible with the growth of our team. We hired new talent in all departments, and even added several new functions. With this blog, we want to say thank you to everyone who joined Cowbell and has been a part of this journey, be it from the very beginning or just recently.

Cowbell Cyber has always valued innovation and speed. In a relatively new, and rapidly-evolving industry like cyber insurance, this is the only way to go. Consequently, everyone needs to be aware that their work is crucial to the business and everything they do will be reflected directly in the company’s performance. Luckily, our Cowbellers are going out of their way every day to deliver fantastic, innovative insurance programs, skilled and accurate underwriting, amazing customer support, and more. The experience and knowledge brought to the table is truly amazing and Cowbell makes it an effort to give everyone the opportunity to share their wisdom with the rest of the team through monthly initiatives during which we learn more about what others do in their jobs. 

We know that diversity in gender, ethnicity and seniority is the key to a good company, and that is reflected in our team as well. We have employees from many different cultural backgrounds, and even countries, who bring unique viewpoints to their department. This creates an environment of open mindedness and acceptance, which is the ideal basis for innovation and teamwork. Everyone is welcome to share their experience, no matter where in their career they stand. Our interns are appreciated as much as our full-time employees, and more often than not, they decide to stay with us after their internship is over. We are honored that they decided to take their first career steps with us and are happy to provide them with projects that encourage them to think about the “big picture” for Cowbell Cyber and the cyber insurance industry, ask for support in other departments, and make them experience the growth and development of Cowbell Cyber actively. Nobody here needs to make coffee or forward emails.

We will, of course, use a large percentile of our recent funding for even more hiring. By the end of 2021, we are planning on doubling our team once more. If you are interested in joining us and shaking up the cyber insurance market with cutting-edge technology and great team work, consider applying. More Cowbell!