The Cowbell team is honored to have been selected as a finalist in the 2021 SC Awards, in the category of Best Risk/Policy Management Solution. 

The SC Awards honor the best in U.S. cybersecurity and recognizes the people, the organizations, and the products that are forging the industry’s future and advancing the cause of safe and secure commerce and communications.

You might question why a cyber insurance company like Cowbell might apply for a cybersecurity award? Well, the two are getting more and more intertwined. As ransomware attacks, cybercrime, and phishing attacks continue to inflict pain on thousands of US businesses, many now realize that zero risk does not exist. Cyber insurance is there to provide financial support (and more) to businesses victim of attacks.

At Cowbell, we believe that it’s our duty to educate and provide resources for policyholders to avoid cyber incidents in the first place. This was highlighted in the recently issued New York DFS framework for providers of cyber insurance.

NY DFS Framework: #5. Educate Insureds and Insurance Producers  
“Insurers that offer cyber insurance have an important role to play in educating their insureds about cybersecurity and reducing the risk of cyber incidents.”

This is a key driver for us to make available to our policyholders a range of services and resources that allow them to take a closed-loop approach to cyber risk management:

  • Continuous risk assessment with access to Cowbell Factors, our proprietary risk ratings that answer questions like: is my business more secure than my industry peers? 
  • Cowbell Insights with recommendations to improve their organization’s risk profile.  
  • Cybersecurity awareness training: one click on a bad email is all it takes for a ransomware attack to be successful. Bringing risk as close as possible to zero can only be done if employees change their behavior and are fully trained on how to recognize threats. 

Cybersecurity and cyber insurance (a form of risk transfer) should start with risk management. Expect Cowbell to double down in its efforts to give businesses great visibility into their cyber risks and how they impact the business the most.

Stay posted! Winners will be unveiled on May 3rd

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