Welcome to Cowbell’s India Technology Centre

by | May 9, 2023 | Culture, Innovation

Opening a Technology Centre in Pune, India, has been an exciting next step in Cowbell’s journey. It enables us to double down on our innovation and drive more products and features in the future. Since the opening, we have already started welcoming talented Engineers to the India Cowbell team. 

While we have more than a dozen offices across the US, Canada, India, and the UK, we are especially proud of our India Technology Centre. It is our biggest office yet, with a modern and elevated design that encourages collaboration across our Cowbellers. Wall art reflects our TRUE values – Transparency, Resiliency, Urgency, and Empowerment – and the open-space layout further refines the modern look.

Our goal with the Technology Centre was to create a space that reflects the products we bring to the market – innovative, creative, collaborative, and industry-disrupting – and that inspires our talent to work together. After all, while we are extremely proud of all the things we have achieved in the last few years, there is always more to be done: Product features need to be added, system performances enhanced, UI refined, and new, exciting products built. 

Of course, a modern and elevated workspace is only a small part of a successful company culture. We know that, and we work hard to encourage a positive and empowering work culture for all employees. Getting recognized for our efforts is extremely rewarding, and we are proud to announce that we have just been awarded the Inc.’s Best Workplace award. This is the third year in a row that we have been recognized for our culture, and we are grateful for our Cowbellers, whose positive feedback is the reason for the recognition. 

We are truly excited about the India center which brings to life our vision of a modern, minimalist environment. If you want to join the Cowbell team as an Engineer, Data Scientist or QA expert in Pune, consider applying – we offer attractive benefits and a creative and collaborative work environment

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